Non Woven Under Layer
Non Woven Under Layer is offered with white color and fiber layers. It can be bonded with chemical, mechanical and thermal processes into excellent quality textile products.  
Waste Fibre Needle Punch Felt
Waste fibre needle punch felt is suited for the production of felt tapes as well as needled felt tubes. They can be used for fire protection and thus are used to make protective clothing of high quality. 
Non Woven Fabric
Non woven fabrics are eco-friendly fabrics of limited-life. These are single-use fabric, offered with liquid repellency, resilience, absorbency, stretch, flame retardancy, wash ability, softness, strength, bacterial barriers, cushioning attributes and high sterility.
Nonwoven Needle Punch Two Type Fabric
The Non woven Needle Punch TWO Type Fabric is the geotextile, suited for road and railway construction, civil engineering applications, landfills, sea defence, slope stabilization, land reclamation and others. 
Non-Woven Needle Punch Speaker Felt we deal in are apt for the internal lining of speaker enclosures. It is suited for dampening the tremor grounded by high volumes. The felt has advanced tear resistance.
Thermoplastic Fabric
The Thermoplastic Fabrics are demanded for making gutters, vinyl siding, roofing sheets and drainpipes. They can be converted into flexible forms and are suited to make hoses, coats, jackets, tubing, and others. 
Non Woven For Insulation
The Non Woven For Insulation are suited for heat transfer. They are utilized for providing thermal insulation to wooden objects. Many insulated membranes are made with the help of these textiles. 
Non Woven For Carpet Shoes
Non Woven For Carpet Shoes are demanded for the sectors of textile, footwear, automotive, etc. These are used for the process of tufting and weaving in shoes. The fabrics can boost the strength of footwear. 
Mattresses  Felt
Mattress felts are made from textile recycled materials. Other applications of these are noise or temperature isolation. They can absorb moisture and are apt to use in many weathers. 
Cotton Felt
We offer Cotton Felts that are made of uncompressed carded cotton. They are most commonly utilized for traditional upholstery. They are utilized to provide a final layer of padding and thus give base and strength to top cover. 

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